Thyroid Diet App


If you are looking to lose weight, even if you struggle with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s - this app can help. With complete meal plans and recipes, this app takes away the guesswork, guiding you through each day towards your goals. 

Insightful videos cover thyroid health, weight loss tips, maintenance guidance, and healthy eating pointers during this diet and beyond. With the right knowledge, you can improve your overall health and finally lose weight, despite thyroid issues. 

How does it work?

The Thyroid Diet App is based on Reboot with Joe’s successful weight-loss plans, which employ nutrient-rich plant-based foods, along with fruit and vegetable juices to help you lose weight and feel terrific without feeling hungry.

Included in the app:

  • 32-days of meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Includes 7 days of eating and juicing, and 25 days of juice-only
  • 49 thyroid-friendly recipes
  • Helpful videos from nutritionist Stacy Kennedy
  • Record your food, juice, and water intake
  • Track walking and exercise

Available for purchase on the app store 

Available for iOS devices only


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