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On tour with his books and movies, filmmaker Joe Cross met thousands of people, and one overriding concern is what to do about the growing childhood obesity problem. In THE KIDS MENU, Joe meets with experts, parents, teachers and kids, coming to the realization that childhood obesity isn’t the real issue, but rather a symptom of a bigger problem. Lack of nutrition education, poor access to healthy foods, and a lack of affordable options contribute to the issue, along with the influence of negative role models, whether a parent, teacher or even a celebrity.

All of this together seems to be a lot to overcome, but when empowered, kids often make the surprising choice of the healthier path.

In this inspiring and hopeful documentary, we see amazing programs in action, inspiring individuals paving the way for change, but most of all — kids taking the lead in getting healthier options on their own menu.

Run time: 88 minutes
Subtitled in Spanish
NTSC format


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